News: WeShop concept store opening


Serviceplan Group ‘WeShop’ sportswear retail environment

The retail concept store we designed for the Serviceplan Group and Vizona opens tomorrow at the House of Communication in Munich, Germany. WeShop is a brilliant showcase of how the MDLab methodology ‘Harmony of Experiences’ can be implemented.

The aim of WeShop is to demonstrate how digital tools can be integrated effectively in physical retail environments. We designed adaptable spaces to meet the retail needs of different sectors, ranging from sportswear to banking and consumer electronics.

Visitors to the store will be able to experience tailored POS services, set up as integrated digital eco-systems. Features include: utilisation of beacon technology to enable personalised services and RFID tag product recognition in conjunction with interactive mirror displays, all connected to devices set up with access to digital platforms to enable a seamless path to purchase.

The collaborative project was commissioned by the Serviceplan Group and Vizona and technology partners Cancom, Cisco. If you would like visit the store please email to request an appointment.

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