Places: Smart Home. A connected everything. Samsung’s IFA 2014, Berlin

Samsung Smart Home

The IFA 2014 exhibition at City Cube Berlin was a first step in realising a future vision of the home. Samsung wanted an exhibition that showcased how people, products and services can and will be increasingly working together. To demonstrate this we designed a space integrating all of Samsung’s business sectors, with a special focus on the future of living.

“The home of the future is (..) about human-based innovation. It’s about technology that isn’t overwhelming and works discretely behind the scenes to adjust to consumers’ needs at the right time”, said Boo-Keun Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics at the IFA 2014 opening keynote speech.

Samsung’s recent acquisition of SmartThings further advances their initiative in being a leader in Smart Home technology; a mission to make simple, worry-free living. With over 6,000 square meters of space, the exhibition area brought together Samsung’s various business areas from mobile and visual display to domestic appliance and B2B. Designing an exhibition that shows the connectivity between many hundreds of products was the main challenge for our design team at MDLab.

Interior of Samsung Smart Home

The Smart Home, the central architectural element of the exhibition, featured the best products from each business area into one holistic interactive presentation. Traditionally, various business areas at trade shows have been separated by category. However, shifts in mobility, home and lifestyle attitudes are driving the industry toward a connected everything. Segregation between products can no longer showcase the full power of connectivity; our phones can now talk to our lighting control systems and with one word we can turn on our home heating from our cars.

‘The power of the Curve’ Visual Display area

In the surrounding areas, you could experience a more detailed look into each business area. Gentle curved fixtures guide visitors toward lifestyle zones. They can relax and interact with products in a similar way as in the Smart Home. Experience the waterfall installation, test the Powerbot smart vacuum, or dive into the virtual reality pods.

From Smart Home to virtual reality, the exhibition focused on human centric innovation. Warm environments emphasised the human touch of technology, while emotive experiences highlighted the product benefits and latest innovations. The warm and friendly environment of the Smart Home and the lifestyle environments within the business areas helped us realise how technology is everywhere, but is working “discretely behind the scenes” and supporting our lifestyles.

To find out more about the project view our Places: IFA Berlin 2014 case study .

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