Samsung Electronics | IFA 2013 Berlin

Samsung Electronics | IFA 2013 Berlin - CrowdSamsung Electronics | IFA 2013 Berlin - OLED TV DisplaySamsung Electronics | IFA 2013 Berlin - Hospitality Display SolutionSamsung Electronics | IFA 2013 Berlin - Crowd and Spectators

    How does a world leading electronics company continue to build a relationship with consumers?

    User-centric experiences provide context for showcasing the lifestyle benefits of Samsung’s consumer electronics products. An emotive runway, the “Discovery Avenue”, allows visitors to gradually and freely discover Samsung’s latest product innovations as they move deeper into the space. Product “Highlight Cubes” become ‘sneak-peaks’ of real life scenarios and emotive display areas create wonder and sense of play. The inspired layout and organizational system allows for clear visitor navigation and flow while dynamic and live experiences draws an increase in both visitors and dwell time.