Samsung Electronics | IFA 2016 Berlin

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    How to show innovation at the heart of the brand?

    To underline the company’s strong ambition to constantly “rethink” products and services, the center of the Samsung IFA booth 2016 is formed by a round stage, showcasing the most recent innovations from the Korean technology company. On the perimeter of this stage a curated exhibition of hero products is displayed, referring to the adjacent areas around. Highlight installations in each zone inviting the visitors to dive deeper into the cosmos of Samsung’s latest devices.

    One highlight is the installation for the new Samsung Quantum Dot TV range, consisting of 52 SUHD TVs and around 9000 pieces of coloured glass. – The historic origins of the Quantum Dot technology are rooted in the investigation of medieval stained glass windows. Nano Chrystals of different sizes embedded in the glass are responsible for the whole spectrum of vibrant, long lasting colors.

    For the Quantum Dot TV highlight MDLab and Cheil collaborated with schnellebuntebilder (Generative Media Design), Andreas Nicolas Fischer (Media Artist), kling klang klong (Sound Artists) and Christopher Bauder (Light and Installation Artist).