Fairs & Exhibition
Hyundai Mobis
Las Vegas
How to celebratethe unseen?

Our design represented Hyundai Mobis’ aspiration to playing a leading role in the future of automotive industry. As traditional car brands are challenged to adapt to new market requirements, technology is more than ever becoming a key factor. The Hyundai Mobis booth at CES 2019 highlighted the innovative autonomous driving technologies that are stimulating this change, but are usually hidden underneath a metal skin.

We used the principle of unveiling a stage in a new way – forming a bold and dynamic shape through a vertical surface bending upward, opening the booth in transverse direction towards the visitor flow. Providing a straightforward organization of the booth, we created space for an immersive multimedia experience of the new headlight technologies. Architecture aligned the media screens in space for an environment that unified the concept car and media content. By simulating traffic situations synced to the movement of the concept car, visitors experienced a dynamic presentation of Hyundai Mobis‘ technology.